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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Touching on the past..

Ever since I heard of this work by George Domahidy on the corner of Daphne and Angove St. in North Perth I've been keen to see it.. yesterday I wasn't disappointed, it's fabulous! Painted during the 2013 Angove Street Festival on the wall of Concept Enigma, the design touches on the past with glimpses of the trams that ran along Angove St. in the early 1900's. See that sky above, that's what a stormy day looks like in Perth :) couple of detail shots below. Happy Tuesday, take care and stay safe..

Monday, September 22, 2014

Emily j'adore!

She may be old.. historic even, but she's a beauty! I do have questions though.. for instance can Emily, out for her Sunday drive actually reach a speed of 60kms?

Where are the goggles and scarf flying behind.. that would have been so cool :)

Well that answers my first question.. passed, traveling at 40 on a 60 :) Btw. this was last Sunday, yesterday driving with the top down would have been disastrous! On Saturday we had the hottest spring day on record 34C, Sunday chilly, wet and windy, you can't tell me there's not something weird going on with the weather :) Hope you had a fab weekend, mine was a bit of a headache, literally! Happy new week, take care..

Saturday, September 20, 2014

John Forrest National Park encore :)

Last few shots from John Forrest National Park saved for weekend reflections! This is one of the pool areas on Jane Brook and although the water is not treated and swimming not recommended there are always some willing to risk it to cool off :) We're in for a freak 32C spring day today.. thunderstorms tomorrow, looking forward to tomorrow! Bon weekend, take care and stay safe...p.s. does anyone else find computers as frustrating as moi?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Roundabout Cottesloe!

This work titled 'Roundabout' by Jennifer Cochrane created for Sculpture by the Sea back in 2007 is one of several of the exhibited sculptures acquired by the shire of Cottesloe over the years. It sits along the beachfront on Marine Parade and no matter which way you look the view will appeal.. out to sea is my preference, but looking the other way through to the Sea View Golf Club I'm sure would appeal to the golfers out there. I tried golf once.. I don't think I have the right temperament :) fore! Happy Friday, take care and stay safe.. p.s. taken last weekend, perfect weather since!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

John Forrest National Park III.. et fini!

One of the main attractions in John Forrest National Park at this time of the year is the multitude of pretty and often bizarre flora.. click and have a closer look. The delicate stem of tiny white star-burst flowers emerging from and winding around the spiky 'Grass Tree' below was a little like lights on a Christmas tree, just wish it had been a bit clearer. The next time we visit the park we will walk the Railway Reserves Heritage Trail, looking forward to it already :) Happy Thursday, take care..

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

John Forrest National Park II.. Hovea Falls.

What do you think.. worth the hike? Our main destination on this visit to John Forrest National Park, after checking in with the rangers was Hovea Falls on Jane Brook.. alive with colour at this time of the year, and lucky for us the water was flowing.. after a hot summer this scene can be very different!

It was while taking the shot below that I ran into a spot of bother :) Not realizing until it was too late that I was standing on top of an ants nest.. not wee little ants, big 'angry at being stepped on' red fire ants.. 'if a more at home in the city gal shrieks in the forest will she be heard'.. the answer is yes, yes she will :) You can see one of the nests in the last shot, these ants are a real problem, especially when they are all over your legs..my très rapide reaction saved me from serious nips! Happy Wednesday, take care and stay safe..

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

John Forrest Heritage Trail I.. trails & vistas.

Another up and at 'em early morning on Sunday to get to John Forrest National Park and walk the heritage trail. It's always a good idea, in fact essential if you do the whole circuit, to sign in with the ranger.. just in case! Despite difficult conditions, experienced in all national forests.. drought, die-back, government funding cut-backs, fires (often deliberate) etc. it's still a beautiful expression of our unique Australian vegetation, plus a few colourful intruders :) and a pleasure to walk.. on Sunday our trail would lead us to Hovea Falls.

This was a bit interesting.. below, growing on a Jarrah tree, a 'burl'! Likened to a cancerous growth, it can be cut off without damaging the tree and is highly valued by carpenters for the striking wood grain and colours, each one unique!

Horse trails, walk trails, and at one point a cyclist went whizzing by :)

If a tree falls down in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

 Banks of wild freesias, heavenly perfume!

.... and there in the distance Hovea Falls, our destination.. where I had a bit of a 'thing' :) show you more tomorrow. Hope your week is off to a good start, happy Tuesday, take care and stay safe..


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