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Saturday, July 4, 2015

No.1 St. Georges Terrace..five star reflections.

Five star reflections! The Duxton Hotel.. No 1 St. Georges Terrace reflected in the ANZ Bank building. Below you can just see the hotel entrance through the palm trees. I don't often taken shots from this end of the terrace, I'm usually up around the top end which if numbers count must be the bottom end as the Duxton is No 1 and therefore the beginning, are you confused yet :) What would John Septimus Roe (below) first Surveyor General of WA think of the terrace now, all those shiny glass skyscrapers.. thankfully there are still many of the original heritage buildings amongst the new, all is not lost! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, take care and stay safe..

Friday, July 3, 2015

Chapel of St. Michael and All Angels..

One of the prettiest churches in Perth in my opinion is the Chapel of St. Michael, the Perth College chapel. Built in 1927 in the 'Perpendicular Gothic style' the tall brick walls and checkerboard design on the parapets and gable ends are tres visually appealing don't you think. Of course I don't even have to mention how much I love the tall arched windows! If you would like to take a peek inside the chapel, under the 'Explore Perth College' click here, menu to the bottom left, facilities, Chapel of St. Michael and guide yourself around this simply lovely chapel. Happy Friday, take care and stay safe.. p.s. can you imagine how pretty the creeper around the door to the chapel and the Agapanthus will be in spring and summer when they're flowering!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Grow your own rendezvous!

Every city has one.. a rendezvous spot! It's possible because of it's placement across from the Perth Railway Station that the sculpture by James Angus officially titled 'Grow Your Own' but now, after much 'I hate it/I love It' affectionately (?) referred to as 'the cactus' may or may not be our city reference point when people are meeting to catch a bus or take a train home. I haven't taken a shot of it at night before so took the opportunity when in the city last week. It took a while to appreciate it's  funkiness :) but with more and more young families than ever coming in to enjoy activities in the city, somehow it 'fits'! How much fun was it to see entries in this month's theme, loved it! Happy Thursday, take care and stay safe..p.s. not many in the water feature, too cold :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Upside down.. down-under!

The things people do for thrills.. and charity! I'll walk for miles to raise money for a good cause, but don't ask me to scale down one of Perth's highest skyscrapers, no way Jose.. would you? I confess these shots are from a few years ago but I thought they fit the 'upside down' theme perfectly, plus I enjoyed having fun with the title :) plus oh woe is me, hand to forehead, violins playing in background.. I've had icky flu :) Bit better now though, looking forward to seeing your interpretation of the theme today. Happy Wednesday, take care and stay safe...

Couldn't resist :)

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hat trick of WA artistic talent..

Back in March this year three talented WA artists worked together on a wall off Beaufort Street in Mt. Lawley, here is the result. The first section above by Melski, 'the creative mind behind the laneway collective, bringing local street artist and wall owners together'. Since it's beginnings back in Feb 2014 there's been many a walls covered. Below the amazing portrait piece by Fieldey.. River Phoenix, James Dean and Marlon Brando, all three would have loved Perth :)

Last but by no means least the work of Brenton See who uses the shapes 'to represent feelings, emotions or experiences, the branch represents growth, change and the process of aging and animals that are generally large, graceful and unbothered by anything around them'..

An otherwise tres banal wall in a car park brought to life by colour and form, what do you think? I'm hoping your weekend has been so much better than mine, I spent a good part of it in bed with flu, just beginning to feel human again.. and I had soo much I wanted to do, ah well, c'est la vie! Happy Monday, take care and stay safe...
Click here to view all participants of Monday Mural

The sun is shining and le sky is bleu.. happy Sunday!

How cool was that.. a parking spot right in front of the cafe! Only kidding, that's not really my snazzy sports car parked out there on Beaufort Street but I tell you what, when the owner did appear and jump into his car I was so close, I would have loooved to have been confident enough to call out to him and take a shot.. let's just say this sporty vehicle suited it's flamboyant owner parfaitement! In Mt. Lawley on a mission we passed Dogman and Rabbit Girl all decked out in scarves, WA's two main footy team scarves, and I thought it was just because it was getting cold :) the Fremantle Dockers are top of the league and the West Coast Eagles are 4th I think, only half way through the season though! Hope you're having a super weekend, happy Sunday, Take care and stay safe..

Saturday, June 27, 2015

140 Comes Alive..

The city was abuzz with colour and hungry crowds on Thursday evening to celebrate the launch of 140 Comes Alive. Aimee works in the 140 William St. building, how she deals with so many temptations on street level I can't imagine! Let's begin at the beginning and what better way to begin than chocolate.. it keeps me calm :) Interesting to see that as chilly as the weather gets in the evening in winter there is still the odd tee shirt amongst the coats and scarves..

Then into American style NYC diner East Village for a super delicious cheeseburger.. btw it's not as big as it looks :)

What the Flip! and Ribs & Burgers...

Not sure why but this was my own fav shot for the night.. Wassup Dog, one of the pavement food trucks cooking up a storm.. All this was and is going on around 140 William, pretty cool right! Bon weekend, take care and stay safe...

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