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Friday, April 25, 2014

Esoterical allusions..

This structure known as 'the monument arch' is a stone's throw away from yesterdays sundial and infinitely more intriguing.. there's no link to be found, no information other than it is also a popular destination for wedding photos! The stone plinth above the rustic arch, the mosaic tiled flooring, encircled seating with it's boundary of rocks, steps leading down through the arch to the sea (bottom two shots) entice my imagination to soar :) I see shadowy figures on the eve of a solstice full moon and.. well you where I'm going with this! Again perfectly placed along this rocky outcrop of coastline it's almost impossible not be a wee bit fanciful, or is that just moi :) It's Anzac Day today, so it will be a 4.30am rise for the Dawn Service in Kings Park. Happy Friday, take care...

Thursday, April 24, 2014

As the Sun moves from East to West...

How things have changed since Plautus complained in one of his plays about his day being 'chopped into pieces by the ubiquitous sundials'.. I'm guessing he wouldn't be a fan of the wrist watch :) I've always wanted a sundial in my garden but never seem to get around to doing anything about it, they are so amazingly accurate, I wish I'd taken a shot of my watch at the same time as the shot above, it was spot on!

From the groyne on Cottelsoe beach all that can be seen are the peaks of the sundial, built for Australia's Bicentenary, snuggled in the craggy coastline, it's not even very visible from the road, to my mind the perfect spot!

Google was a little unhelpful re links, apart from the fact that it's a popular venue for wedding photos but the design info below is thorough and if you pull the shot in on the right the details of how it works will be clear.. as mud! As my sense of direction is legendary bad they lost me at 'as the Sun moves from East to West, the shadow on plate moves West to East...':) Happy Thursday, take care. p.s. hands up who really understood those configurations..

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

24 degrees perfect!

After spending so much time in the city lately a change of scenery was called for. Heading down the coast yesterday, about twenty minutes from home we stopped in at the Indiana for coffee and to admire the views along Cottesloe beach. The table being laid for lunch above.. not too shabby a spot, a bit blown out by the midday sun but you can see what I mean oui.  Doesn't it look quiet down there without the sculptures.. check out this short video and you'll see quite a few that I missed this year. It was a perfect autumn day, hard to believe we're not that far off winter. I hope that you're all as confused as I am about which day it is, long weekends do that to me :) Happy Wednesday, take care...

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A musical collaboration..!

We've had a few street art collaborations going on around Perth during the last few weeks but this is the first time I've come across three of Perth's most talented buskers jamming together on Murray St. Seen singing separately often around the city they were fabulous together and as an added bonus the mesmerizing 'floating ball' of Japanese busker Kohei Hiroshige, so cool! You can check out Oisin & Malachy's music here, that's Malachy sitting on the right.. I brought the CD.. not because he's kinda cute :) but because the music is good! How's your Easter Weekend going.. mine is over! Happy Tuesday, take care and stay safe... p.s. if any Perthites can help me with the names of the two musicians to the left I'd appreciate it. I can now add that Petar Cirovic is centre stage and Flo to the left, both with new albums out, I'll be looking :) Thanks for the info Malachy..

Monday, April 21, 2014

Public Art....

Although one of the most expensive car parks in the CBD because of its close proximity to the city centre up until a few weeks ago this was a drab and cheerless space.. now awash with colour and creative energy on every side it almost takes your breath away.. still not parking here though :) but will visit and admire often! We were lucky enough to watch Belgian artist ROA and Phlegm from the UK at work before leaving for Sydney.. while away Perth's Stormie Mills finished his piece, Sydney's Beastman collaborated with Adelaide's Vans The Omega to create a vibrant wall opposite Perth's Last Chance Studios and another collaboration between The Yok and Sheryo. How about New York artist Gaia, that's his work bottom right hand corner.. so impressive. There are those who will never think of street art as other than graffiti but after watching these unbelievably huge scale works taking shape I am in awe of the talent at work here in Perth over the last two weeks. Would love it if you could take a minute to embiggen and check out the detail. Hope the sun is shining on your Easter weekend, take care.....

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Three years on..!

Could this be the start of a more daring, edgier PDP :) Here I am heading into the 4th year (can't quite believe it myself) of blogging with a 'no photo's allowed' image. I stumbled on this lush scenario in the city most unexpectedly, whipped out the camera and took half a dozen shots before being told it was a no-no! Here's the thing, you don't know where and what it is, Perthites please don't give me away :), but to me it absolutely defines the elaborate architecture that evolved during the heady prosperous days of the gold rush in Perth and deserves to be seen.. the painted detail on the stairway paneling is très belle don't you think? I hope you have enjoyed seeing more of Perth as much as I've enjoyed showing it! Have a happy and safe Easter, take care...

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy days...!

Ma belle petite granddaughter's mama is like moi in that she prefers to be behind the camera rather than in front.. Aimee has no such qualms, here she is in a state of total bliss, an aunty at last. Bravo Courtney and Dave, happy times ahead, looking forward to sharing many of them with you...

It rained a lot while we were there, I'm not complaining the Sydney Harbour Bridge is fabulous in any weather, it always makes me happy when Jim or Julie post a different aspect of my favourite bridge, it's quite something to see. The MS Oosterdam was docked for the day, so big.. so many tourists! Happy Easter weekend.. personally I don't know if I'm coming or going, holidays on top of holidays are confusing :) One more shot.. sweet dreams beautiful girl. btw she weighed 2.9kgs, a tiny bundle of joy! Take care and stay safe...p.s. bear with me, catching up slowly :)

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